The Faith Of Men by Jack London

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by Jack London

The Faith Of Men And Other Stories are a collection of short stories written by Jack London and originally published in 1902.

In these stories, London tells the story of his beloved North, tells the stories of strong men, bold women and desperate dogs. He also incorporates into the narrative other themes such as the triumph of socialism over capitalism and the impossibility of making everyone equally happy.

All the stories are adventure tales set in the Yukon Territory, London's great predilection. The detailed list of the stories included is as follows:

  • A Relic of the Pliocene
  • A Hyperborean Brew
  • Batard
  • The Faith of Men
  • Too Much Gold
  • The One Thousand Dozen
  • The Marriage of Lit-Lit
  • The Story of Jees Uck

"I wash my hands of him at the start. I cannot father his tales, nor will I be responsible for them. I make these preliminary reservations, observe, as a guard upon my own integrity."

Fiction   Short Stories

3 hours 53 minutes (46757 words)

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