The Golden Age by Kenneth Grahame

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by Kenneth Grahame

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The Golden Age is a collection of children's stories written by Kenneth Grahame and originally published in 1895.

In this witty and ironic reading, Grahame reconstructs for us a fascinating and magical image of childhood. It is a collection of episodes from the lives of a group of children in England at the end of the 19th century.

The work reflects the magic of childhood, which he calls the golden age, as well as their imagination and way of life.

It is a play not only for children, but also very interesting for adults, because sometimes we lose the perspective of what is really important in life and that we forget after childhood. We have to play to live, and this ode to childhood, to a time that will never return, reminds us of that.

Therefore, this work is a collection of childhood memories that contains the following short stories:

Prologue: The Olympians, A Holiday, A White-Washed Uncle, Alarums and Excursions, The Finding of the Princess, Sawdust and Sin, "Young Adam Cupid", The Burglars, A Harvesting, Snowbound, What They Talked About, The Argonauts, The Roman Road, The Secret Drawer, "Exit Tyrannus", The Blue Room, A Falling Out, "Lusisti Satis".


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