The golden bowl by Henry James

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by Henry James

The golden bowl is a novel written by Henry James and first published in 1904.

Maggie Verver lives with her father in London. They are Americans and her immensely wealthy father is a widower. Maggie reconnects with her old friend Charlotte, very beautiful and educated but with little money. Through friends, Maggie meets an Italian prince named Amerigo, who also has very little money.

Both Maggie and her father find love in this circle of friends: her father marries young Charlotte and she marries Prince Amerigo. What they both don't know is that the two of them were lovers in the past...

One of the details that make this novel great is how the plot develops. It is told through the consciousness of the two couples: Maggie, Amerigo, Adam and Charlotte. Therefore, it gives it considerable depth and they offer the point of view of how each person faces the situations that happen.

Some of the issues dealt with are betrayal, jealousy or possession in a couple's relationship.

Fiction   Historical

17 hours 4 minutes (204826 words)

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The The golden bowl book is available for download in PDF, ePUB and Mobi

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