The Hungry Tiger of Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson

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by Ruth Plumly Thompson

Fantasy Children's literature Adventure Courage Friendship

3 hours 23 minutes

The Hungry Tiger of Oz is a fantasy novel written by Ruth Plumly Thompson and first published in 1926. It is the twentieth in the series of Oz books and the sixth written by Ruth Plumly Thompson.

The Hungry Tiger is a character who has appeared in previous books in the series. He is a tiger of enormous size and power. Also, he has a voracious appetite that is difficult to satiate. However, he has a noble and tender heart and is not capable of doing evil.

The tyrant Irasha the Rough, the Pasha of Ras, rules a small kingdom and has a terrible idea: get an animal from Oz that devours the prisoners, since he has his prison completely occupied. Although he manages to lure him to his kingdom, The Hungry Tiger is unable to eat the prisoners since his conscience does not allow it...

On the other hand, due to a series of circumstances, Betsy Bobbin and her partner Carter Green end up in Rash's kingdom and end up in the overcrowded prison. There they will meet the legitimate heir of Rash and the Tiger and all together they will escape from prison and live a series of adventures.

It is one of the last Oz books that entered in public domain as of 2022.

"Burnt again!" roared the Pasha of Rash, flinging his bowl of pudding across the table. "Vassals! Varlets! Villains! Fetch forth the cook!" At the Pasha's furious words the two Rash Footmen who stood behind his chair, took a running slide down the long dining hall and leaped through the door into the pantry. Several cups crashed against the door as it closed, so it is just as well that they hurried".


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