The international spy by Allen Upward

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by Allen Upward

The international spy is a spy and adventure novel written by Allen Upward and originally published in 1904.

This early 20th century spy story tells of a secret conflict between Russia and Japan following the sinking of British fishing boats by the Russian navy in the Baltic Sea.

"The great monarch by whose gracious command I write this narrative has given me his permission to preface it with the following remarkable document: Minute: It is considered that it cannot but promote the cause of peace and good understanding between the British and Russian Governments if Monsieur V—— be authorized to relate in the columns of some publication enjoying a wide circulation, the steps by which he was enabled to throw light on the occurrences in the North Sea."

Fiction   Adventure

5 hours 11 minutes (62302 words)

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George Allen Upward was a poet, lawyer, politician and teacher british. His work was included in the first anthology of Imagist poetry, Des Imagistes,...

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