The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers

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by Robert W. Chambers

The King in Yellow is a collection of short stories written by Robert W. Chambers and originally published in 1895.

This stories could be categorized as early horror fiction, but it also touches on mythology, fantasy, mystery, science fiction and romance.

The theme oscillates between the mythical and the macabre. Set in mysterious forests, inhospitable villages that do not welcome visitors, sinister wastelands... and even New York City itself!

A book called "The King in Yellow" appears in several stories. Anyone reading this book will fall completely into madness, which leads to spooky events.

Other stories deal with curses, sorcerers and even parallel universes.

This work has often been associated with H. P. Lovecraft. It exerted a great influence and served as an inspiration for the Providence writer. Mind you, when The King in Yellow was published, Lovecraft was only five years old.

Fiction   Horror

5 hours 57 minutes (71407 words)

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About Robert W. Chambers

American artist and fiction writer, mainly known for his set of short stories titled The King in Yellow

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