The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell

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by Richard Connell

The Most Dangerous Game is a short story written by Richard Connell and published in 1924. Upon its publication, it won the O. Henry Award.

The protagonist of the story is a big game hunter from New York. This man is shipwrecked on an isolated island in the Caribbean and is pursued by a Russian aristocrat.

The book is inspired by the big game safaris that were very popular with wealthier Americans in the 1920s and took place in Africa and South America, but in this story it is the hunter who is hunted.

Off there to the right—somewhere—is a large island,” said Whitney. “It’s rather a mystery.

“What island is it?” Rainsford asked.

“The old charts call it ‘Ship-Trap Island,’” Whitney replied. “A suggestive name, isn’t it? Sailors have a curious dread of the place. I don’t know why.

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0 hours 40 minutes (8138 words)

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