The Secret of Chimneys by Agatha Christie

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by Agatha Christie

The Secret of Chimneys is a detective novel written by Agatha Christie and published in 1925.

Lord Caterham half-heartedly agrees to throw a weekend party at George Lomax's request. This party is held at Lord Caterham's house in Chimneys. Suddenly, a murder occurs in the house and a series of events begins with the police and the guests.

A series of characters appear in this book that will recur in other later novels, such as Lord Caterham, George Lomax or Superintendent Batle, as well as the Chimneys mansion itself.

“Why, if it isn’t old Jimmy McGrath.”
Castle’s Select Tour, represented by seven depressed-looking females and three perspiring males, looked on with considerable interest. Evidently their Mr. Cade had met an old friend. They all admired Mr. Cade so much, his tall lean figure, his sun-tanned face, the light-hearted manner with which he settled disputes and cajoled them all into good temper.

Fiction   Mystery

6 hours 20 minutes (76026 words)

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The The Secret of Chimneys book is available for download in PDF, ePUB and Mobi

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