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by Anthony Trollope

The Warden is a novel written by Anthony Trollope and first published in 1855. It is the first book in the Chronicles of Barsetshire series.

The Warden of this novel is the kind and noble Mr. Harding. Set in the fictional town of Barchester, in 19th-century Victorian England, the plot centers on Mr. Harding being accused of embezzling church funds.

Mr. Harding is supervising a will of a gentleman who passed away long ago, with which they must attend to a series of men as it was written. The church manages the property and with those profits takes care of them.

However, after a while, both the church and Mr. Harding are accused of outperforming the benefactors of the will.

"Were we to name Wells or Salisbury, Exeter, Hereford, or Gloucester, it might be presumed that something personal was intended; and as this tale will refer mainly to the cathedral dignitaries of the town in question, we are anxious that no personality may be suspected. Let us presume that Barchester is a quiet town in the West of England, more remarkable for the beauty of its cathedral and the antiquity of its monuments than for any commercial prosperity; that the west end of Barchester is the cathedral close, and that the aristocracy of Barchester are the bishop, dean, and canons, with their respective wives and daughters".

Fiction   Historical

6 hours 2 minutes (72444 words)

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