The Wonderful Visit by H. G. Wells

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by H. G. Wells

Fantasy Social Satire Society and Class Otherness and Acceptance Transformation

3 hours 14 minutes

The Wonderful Visit is a fantasy novel written by H. G. Wells and originally published in 1895.

It tells the story of a vicar, Mr. Hilyer, who is warned that a kind of bird has been seen in the area and decides to go to investigate the animal since he is a naturist and a great fan of birds.

However, what he finds is a kind of angel that has come to earth through a rift between his dimension and ours and which he has shot by mistake. He has angelic appearance, wings on his back... but he is not really an angel, they have no divine gift.

The book is about how humans do not and cannot understand the unknown things. They fear and hate the angel by not understanding it and disown the vicar for his support and help to the strange being. The angel cannot understand these feelings, as in his world there is no hunger or pain. The vicar will have to defend and protect the angel from the dangers of our world and its prejudices.

"On the Night of the Strange Bird, many people at Sidderton (and some nearer) saw a Glare on the Sidderford moor. But no one in Sidderford saw it, for most of Sidderford was abed".


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