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by Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Twice-told tales is a short story collection written by Nathaniel Hawthorne and first published in 1837.

This collection showcases Hawthorne's ability to weave together stories that combine the historical, the supernatural, and the moral.

Each story often contains a moral or philosophical message, reflecting Hawthorne's interest in the complexities of human nature and moral dilemmas. Here is a brief summary of some of the more prominent stories in the collection:

  • "The Grey Champion": Set in colonial New England, this story tells of an old man who appears out of nowhere to confront a tyrannical government official, symbolizing the spirit of resistance to tyranny.
  • "Sunday at Home": A contemplative piece about a quiet Sunday, exploring themes of loneliness and the inner life.
  • "The Wedding Bell": A dark story about a wedding in which the groom is a widower and the bride a widow, both elderly, with a story that makes the marriage seem almost grotesque.
  • "The Minister's Black Veil": One of Hawthorne's most famous stories, it tells the story of a minister who suddenly starts wearing a black veil and the effect it has on his congregation and himself.
  • "The May of Merry Mount": A story that contrasts the Puritans with the more free-spirited members of the colony, centered on a May Day celebration.
  • "The Hollow of the Three Hills": A supernatural tale of a woman who seeks knowledge of her distant family through the powers of a witch, only to hear tragic news.
  • "Dr. Heidegger's Experiment":A story about an eccentric doctor who claims to have discovered the elixir of life and tests it on four elderly friends.
  • "Legends of Province House": A series of stories about Boston's old Province House, each revealing a different historical and supernatural aspect of the building.
  • "Young Goodman Brown": Perhaps the most famous story in the collection, it follows a young Puritan who encounters a strange satanic ceremony in the woods that causes him to question the righteousness of his community.

The stories in Twice-Told Tales are rich in symbolism and allegory, often exploring themes of guilt, punishment, and the conflict between good and evil. Hawthorne's use of historical settings and his deep understanding of human nature make these stories compelling and thought-provoking.

"There is a certain church, in the city of New York which I have always regarded with peculiar interest on account of a marriage there solemnized under very singular circumstances in my grandmother’s girlhood. That venerable lady chanced to be a spectator of the scene, and ever after made it her favorite narrative. Whether the edifice now standing on the same site be the identical one to which she referred I am not antiquarian enough to know, nor would it be worth while to correct myself, perhaps, of an agreeable error by reading the date of its erection on the tablet over the door."


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