Typhoon by Joseph Conrad

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by Joseph Conrad

Typhoon is a novel written by Joseph Conrad in 1897 and first published as a book in 1903.

The novel tells the story of the captain of the steamship Nan-Shan named MacWhirr. He is tasked with sailing from Foochow to Shanghai in the midst of a typhoon.

Despite warnings from his crew, MacWhirr stubbornly refuses to change course and steers the ship directly into the path of the storm. The damage to the ship and the loss of life are catastrophic, but MacWhirr remains unmoved and does not even flinch as he faces the consequences of his actions.

Typhoon is a gripping story about human nature in the face of natural disaster, and a masterful example of Conrad's ability to create tension and suspense.

"Captain MacWhirr, of the steamer Nan-Shan, had a physiognomy that, in the order of material appearances, was the exact counterpart of his mind: it presented no marked characteristics of firmness or stupidity; it had no pronounced characteristics whatever; it was simply ordinary, irresponsive,and unruffled".

Fiction   Adventure

2 hours 37 minutes (31429 words)

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