Women in Love by D. H. Lawrence

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by D. H. Lawrence

Women in Love is a novel written by D. H. Lawrence and originally published in 1920. It is the sequel to the novel The Rainbow and continues the love stories of the Bragwen sisters.

The Rainbow.

Set in the 1910s, the Brangwen sisters, Ursula and Gudrun, live in the Midlands of England. There, Gudrun is a painter while Ursula is a schoolteacher.

They meet two men, a school inspector named Ruper Birkin and the son of a coal mine owner named Gerald Crich and the four become friends.

The group of friends discuss society's problems, debate politics and the relationship between men and women.

But one day, during a party, Gerald's sister drowns. Soon after, her father dies as well. Gudrun becomes the teacher and tutor of Gerald's younger sister and the two grow closer, although their relationship soon becomes somewhat stormy. On the other hand, Birkin asks Ursula to marry him and they become engaged...

Fiction   Romance

15 hours 3 minutes (180760 words)

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