A Dog's Tale by Mark Twain

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by Mark Twain

A Dog's Tale is a short story by Mark Twain in 1904.

This short story, narrated in first person by the family pet, tells the story of a dog who is the daughter of a collie mother and a St. Bernard father.

It starts from her first stage as a puppy and how she is separated from her mother, something she cannot understand. Then she is taken in by a family with a small child.

One day, the dog risks her life in a fire to save her life but they misunderstand her motives and cruelly beat her...

In this story we are offered the unique perspective of the poor little dog, the book being a touching story of friendship, love and loyalty.

"When she told the meaning of a big word they were all so taken up with admiration that it never occurred to any dog to doubt if it was the right one; and that was natural, because, for one thing, she answered up so promptly that it seemed like a dictionary speaking, and for another thing, where could they find out whether it was right or not? for she was the only cultivated dog there was".

This book is illustrated with original drawings.

Fiction   Short Stories

0 hours 22 minutes (4554 words)

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