A Woman of No Importance by Oscar Wilde

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by Oscar Wilde

A Woman of No Importance is a play written by Oscar Wilde and originally published in 1893.

In this play, Oscar Wilde uses conversations about a group of aristocrats chatting casually about society to make a critique of English society at the time. Wilde rails against the classism of the British aristocracy and emphasizes their machismo and ignorance. He accuses them of lack of morality and frivolity.

It is divided into four acts and is set geographically and temporally in the United Kingdom at the end of the 19th century. The beginning is somewhat slow with the presentation of the scene but picks up pace as the reading progresses.

"Lady Caroline. I believe this is the first English country house you have stayed at, Miss Worsley?
Hester. Yes, Lady Caroline.
Lady Caroline. You have no country houses, I am told, in America?
Hester. We have not many."

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1 hour 52 minutes (22544 words)

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He was an Irish poet and playwright, best remembered for his epigrams and plays and his novel The Picture of Dorian Gray

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