An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde

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by Oscar Wilde

Comedy Drama Satire Morality and hypocrisy Marriage and forgiveness Corruption and blackmail Public versus private honor

2 hours 35 minutes

An Ideal Husband is a play written by Oscar Wilde and first published in 1893.

Set in the glittering world of London high society in the late 19th century, Sir Robert Chiltern is a highly respected Under-Secretary of State, a pillar of integrity and respect, and the perfect example of an ideal husband.

But his entire life is in danger of falling apart when Mrs. Cheveley, a cunning and manipulative woman, arrives in town with a letter about Sir Robert Chiltern's past, accusing him of having acquired his fortune dishonorably.

In addition to criticizing Victorian society, the play explores themes of honor, love, and sacrifice, and reflects on what it means to be "ideal" in such a society. Short, funny, and filled with brilliant dialogue, An Ideal Husband is an ideal introduction to Wilde if you haven't read him before.

"The octagon room at Sir Robert Chilternโ€™s house in Grosvenor Square. [The room is brilliantly lighted and full of guests. At the top of the staircase stands lady chiltern, a woman of grave Greek beauty, about twenty-seven years of age. She receives the guests as they come up..."


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