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by Anthony Trollope

Barchester Towers is a novel written by Anthony Trollope and first published in 1857. The book is the second of six in the Barchester series.

The novel focuses on politics and religion, and describes the conflicts between the Anglican church and the Catholic church in England in the 19th century.

The Bishop of Barchester has died and a battle ensues over who will take power. The power struggle involves the zealous reformer Dr. Proudie, along with his fearsome wife, and the scheming Obadiah Slope.

Through a series of conspiracies and backstabbing, the play satirizes the antipathy in the Church of England at the time.

The book was well received by critics and the general public, and was one of Trollope's most popular books. It has been adapted for television, film and theater.

Fiction   Historical

16 hours 44 minutes (200941 words)

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