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by Henrik Ibsen

Ghosts is a play written by Henrik Ibsen in 1881 and divided into three acts. It is one of the masterpieces of the current called Literary Naturalism.

The book introduces us to Helen Alving, who is building an orphanage dedicated to the memory of her late husband, who was an Army Captain and a very loved person in the area and whom everyone had as an example.

However, the marriage was not so happy. Previously, Helen had confessed to Pastor Manders that her marriage was going really bad as her husband was an alcoholic and womanizer and that he was expecting an illegitimate child with her servant.

Helen had to keep quiet and put up with this situation on the advice of the Pastor and to maintain the respect of her family in the local community. Therefore, until the day of her death, she stayed by her husband's side and had to endure this situation.

But later Helen discovers that her only son, Oswald, has hereditary syphilis and that he has fallen in love with her half-sister: the Captain's illegitimate daughter.

[A spacious garden-room, with one door to the left, and two doors to the right. In the middle of the room a round table, with chairs about it. On the table lie books, periodicals, and newspapers. In the foreground to the left a window, and by it a small sofa, with a worktable in front of it. In the background, the room is continued into a somewhat narrower conservatory, the walls of which are formed by large panes of glass. In the right-hand wall of the conservatory is a door leading down into the garden. Through the glass wall a gloomy fjord landscape is faintly visible, veiled by steady rain.]

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2 hours 3 minutes (24602 words)

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