Heartbreak House by George Bernard Shaw

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by George Bernard Shaw

Drama Comedy Love War Social change Idealism vs Realism

3 hours 59 minutes

Heartbreak House is a play written by George Bernard Shaw and first published in 1919.

The story narrates a series of love triangles revolving around the Edwardian gentry. A series of stories around a country house run by an eccentric host and former sea captain of 88 years.

A bridal couple has been invited there to spend the weekend and meet the captain's married daughters, each representing a different set of values. Other characters, each more peculiar than the last, such as a philandering son-in-law or a not very clever thief, will appear in the story.

Shaw attacks the stupidity of pre-World War I English society, as well as the capitalism and purposelessness of many wealthy people.

"The hilly country in the middle of the north edge of Sussex, looking very pleasant on a fine evening at the end of September, is seen through the windows of a room which has been built so as to resemble the after part of an old-fashioned high-pooped ship, with a stern gallery..."


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George Bernard Shaw, was an Irish playwright, critic, polemicist and political activist. His influence on Western theatre, culture and politics ext...

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