Lady Susan by Jane Austen

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by Jane Austen

Epistolary novel Satire Morality and Ethics Manipulation Social Status

1 hour 56 minutes

Lady Susan is a romantic novel written by Jane Austen and originally published in 1871.

This short story, written in epistolary form, introduces us to Lady Susan. She is an ambitious widow seeking a second marriage that will bring her a better financial situation.

Intelligent and beautiful, Lady Susan lacks scruples and is cold and calculating. She will have no qualms about forcing her daughter to accept a marriage she does not want, as well as manipulating other family members for her own benefit.

Lady Susan's only concern is to maintain her former lifestyle, impoverished after becoming a widow, and to maintain a high reputation.

Jane Austen once again uses her characteristic elegant writing style and biting criticism of the society of the time.


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