Major Barbara by George Bernard Shaw

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by George Bernard Shaw

Major Barbara is a play written by George Bernard Shaw in 1905.

Set in the decade before World War I, the play explores the battle of wits between a wealthy arms manufacturer, Andrew Undershaft, and his daughter, Barbara, who is a Major in the Salvation Army.

While Undershaft is a ruthless businessman, unprincipled and willing to do anything to make a profit, Barbara is devoted to the Salvation Army's mission of saving human lives.

The play presents a confrontation between capitalism and human rights, as well as an exploration of the true nature of religion and morality; and reflects on long-held beliefs by offering realistic criticism of society, rather than a sugar-coated portrait.

"It is after dinner on a January night, in the library in Lady Britomart Undershaft's house in Wilton Crescent. A large and comfortable settee is in the middle of the room, upholstered in dark leather. A person sitting on it [it is vacant at present] would have, on his right, Lady Britomart's writing table, with the lady herself busy at it; a smaller writing table behind him on his left; the door behind him on Lady Britomart's side; and a window with a window seat directly on his left."

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