Phantasmagoria by Lewis Carroll

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by Lewis Carroll

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Phantasmagoria is a poem written by Lewis Carroll and first published in 1869.

Lewis Carroll offers us in "Fantasmagoria" a work with a very peculiar style rather than a traditional book. First published in 1869, it is a narrative poem and one of Carroll's lesser known works, especially in comparison to his famous stories in which Alice is the protagonist of the stories.

The poem is structured as a conversation between a ghost (called the "Phantom") and a man named Tibbets. Carroll uses this framework to explore supernatural and mundane themes in a humorous and light-hearted manner.

"Phantasmagoria" is notable for its playful use of language and satirical look at Victorian society and beliefs in the supernatural. The poem mixes Carroll's trademark silliness and wit with a series of charming and amusing vignettes, creating a unique and entertaining literary work.

"One winter night, at half-past nine,
Cold, tired, and cross, and muddy,
I had come home, too late to dine,
And supper, with cigars and wine,
Was waiting in the study.
There was a strangeness in the room,
And Something white and wavy
Was standing near me in the gloom-
I took it for the carpet-broom
Left by that careless slavey."

This book is illustrated with original drawings by Arthur B. Frost.


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