The Wanderer by Khalil Gibran

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by Khalil Gibran

The Wanderer is an epic poem written by Khalil Gibran and originally published in 1932.

It tells the moving story of a man named Mirdin who leaves his homeland and embarks on a journey to find himself. Along the way, he meets many different people and experiences many different experiences, emotions and feelings.

Mirdin is born into a life of privilege and wealth, but he is not content with his life. He longs for adventure and excitement, so he sets out on a journey in search of both sensations. Mirdin's journey takes him to many different places, and he experiences a wide range of emotions and events. Along the way, Mirdin meets many different people, and each of them teaches him something about life.

The poem is a beautiful and moving exploration of the human condition. It is full of wisdom and insight, and is sure to leave a deep impression on all readers.

Fiction   Poetry

0 hours 57 minutes (11441 words)

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Gibran was a Lebanese-American writer, poet and visual artist, also considered a philosopher. He was born in a village of the Ottoman-ruled Mount L...

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