Spirits Rebellious by Khalil Gibran

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by Khalil Gibran

Spirits Rebellious is a set of two short stories written by Khalil Gibran and originally published in 1908. The main theme is, through spirituality, criticism of the church and the clerics.

Through prose poetry, Gibran shows us the country of his adolescence. There he reflects the conduct of the monks who live in a convent and the bishop's oppression of some poor peasants, highlighting corruption and lack of justice.

In the first story, a monk rebels against the church and is thrown out and left in the snow, where two women find him dying and ask him to tell them how he ended up there.

In the second story, the injustice of those who must ensure that the law is followed is denounced, denouncing violence as part of the judicial system.

The book offers so much in so few pages. Gibran uses poetry as rebellion and offers his word at the service of the poorest and most defenseless.

Fiction   Poetry

1 hour 57 minutes (23415 words)

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