Proserpine and Midas by Mary Shelley

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by Mary Shelley

Proserpine and Midas is a collection of two plays written by Mary Shelley and originally published in 1820. They are two classic, short-lived dramas.

In the first drama, Proserpine, we learn the story of how Proserpine ignores the warnings of her mother Ceres (Goddess of Agriculture), and ends up being kidnapped by the King of the Underworld. The most relevant part of the story is the relationship between Proserpina's mother and herself in such a tragic event.

On the other hand, in Midas, Apollo defeats the wild god Pan in a musical contest. The latter, not satisfied with the result, organizes another contest and calls King Midas to act as judge. However, Midas will soon see that it is impossible to play god without risking the greatest of penalties for your decisions.

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1 hour 27 minutes (17567 words)

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