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Roughing It is a travel and semi-autobiographical novel written by Mark Twain and first published in 1872. The novel details a trip during the Gold Rush era from Missouri to Nevada. It is the prequel to the first travel book that Twain published: The Innocents Abroad.

The book tells us about Mark Twain's travels along with his brother through the Wild West during the years 1861-1867, in the midst of the gold rush.

Twain started the journey between St. Leuis, Missouri and Virginia City, Nevada with the intention of making a trip of three months, but it ended up becoming a great journey lasting several years through more than 3,000 km.

"My brother had just been appointed Secretary of Nevada Territory—an office of such majesty that it concentrated in itself the duties and dignities of Treasurer, Comptroller, Secretary of State, and Acting Governor in the Governor’s absence."

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14 hours 4 minutes (168823 words)

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