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by Jane Austen

Sanditon is an unfinished novel written by Jane Austen in 1817, shortly before her death. It was published posthumously in 1925 from a manuscript by the author under the title: Fragment of a Novel.

Set in a small town called Sanditon, the novel introduces us to the young and intelligent Charlotte Heywood. She arrives in the village as a guest of the Parker family.

Tom Parker is a businessman who wants to turn Sanditon into a tourist destination thanks to a spa, as they were fashionable at the time.

Little by little, Charlotte is introduced to the life of the village as she meets a series of characters who are as interesting as they are eccentric. Among them is Sideny Parker, Tom's brother, who will awaken Charlotte's interest...

"A GENTLEMAN and Lady travelling from Tunbridge towards that part of the Sussex Coast which lies between Hastings and Eastbourne, being induced by Business to quit the high road, and attempt a very rough Lane, were over- turned in toiling up its long ascent, half rock, half sand."

Fiction   Romance

1 hour 58 minutes (23663 words)

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