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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a metrical romance of unknown authorship and written in the late fourteenth century.

The main theme deals with Gawain's test to enter the code of chivalry, by which he will have to overcome a series of tests of moral virtue.

Gawain manages to pass the tests, imposed by Sir Bertilak, by pure intuition or chance, but he is not really aware that they are of vital importance for his survival.

On one occasion he must help a lady in distress, as required by the knight's code of honor, and she offers him her sash. However, Gawain promised to give his host whatever he got that day. He decides to keep the girdle secret in order to honor the lady at the cost of breaking his promise...

And there will come Gawain's moral dilemma and the struggle between honor and chivalrous duty. Having broken his promise, even if it was for a good purpose, he believes that he has lost his honor...

The poems were found in a manuscript along with three other works. This only existing copy is preserved in the British Museum.

"After the siege of Troy
Siþen þe sege &; þe assaut wat3 sesed at Troye,
Þe bor3 brittened &; brent to bronde3 &; aske3,
Þe tulk þat þe trammes of tresoun þer wro3t.."

Fiction   Poetry

6 hours 51 minutes (82291 words)

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