Sylvie and Bruno by Lewis Carroll

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by Lewis Carroll

Sylvie and Bruno is a novel written by Lewis Carroll written in two volumes, the first in 1889 and the second in 1893. It is the last novel published during the writer's lifetime.

The plot has two strands: the conspiracy against the warden of Outland, instigated by the under warden and the chancellor, and the love of a young doctor, Arthur, for Lady Muriel and in turn has two very different settings from each other.

The first has a realistic character and is set in the world of the time, during the Victorian era in Great Britain. This first part is a social novel in which concepts such as religion, society and philosophy are dealt with.

On the other hand, the second part has a fantastic touch and is set in Fairyland. It is a tale with many nonsense elements and poems, similar to the Alice in Wonderland books.

Fiction   Fantasy

5 hours 24 minutes (64914 words)

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