The Diary of a Nobody by George Grossmith

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by George Grossmith

The Diary of a Nobody is a comic novel written by George Grossmith first published in 1892 and illustrated by George Grossmith's own brother. It is one of the most prominent and recognized classic works of humor.

Charles Potter is a lower-middle-class City of London civil servant. He has no great ambitions and is content with his life, but constantly encounters impertinent young clerks, poorly educated shopkeepers, and even the deviltries of his son Lupin and his terrible girlfriend.

Written as a diary, the novel records the daily events of Potter's life and that of his family and a group of friends over a period of 15 months.

In addition, Charles Pooter keeps throwing gags and jokes at people, but the pity is that hardly anyone understands him, only occasionally his wife...

Fiction   Humor

3 hours 33 minutes (42661 words)

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