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by Daniel Defoe

The further adventures of Robinson Crusoe is an adventure novel written by Daniel Defoe and originally published in 1719. It is the sequel to the first book The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe.

Robinson has married in England and lives there on a small farm with his wife and three children. He missed "his island" and fell into a depression, in which he only talked about the island and was greatly annoyed that other people did not believe his stories. The only person who supported him and firmly believed in him was his wife, who promised to accompany him on a trip to the island, but she dies unexpectedly.

At the same time, Crusoe and Friday embark on a trip to the island, via Ireland, and when they arrive they discover that the men Crusoe left more than ten years ago had had serious problems with each other, but that they had united before cannibal attacks.

Crusoe will try to help establish leadership and rules that allow life in society on the island with a minimum legal framework.

"That homely proverb, used on so many occasions in England, viz. “That what is bred in the bone will not go out of the flesh,” was never more verified than in the story of my Life and; Any one would think that after thirty-five years’ affliction, and a variety of unhappy circumstances, which few men, if any, ever went through before, and after near seven years of peace and enjoyment in the fulness of all things;"

Fiction   Adventure

8 hours 24 minutes (100854 words)

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