The Heir Of Mondolfo by Mary Shelley

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by Mary Shelley

The Heir Of Mondolfo is a gothic short story written by Mary Shelley and published posthumously in 1877. It is one of Mary Shelley's most popular books.

We are located in a beautiful and wild land near Sorrento, belonging to the Kingdom of Naples and ruled by the monarchs of the house of Anjoy. There lives a nobleman with much more wealth and influence than his neighbors. His castle, on top of a large rocky outcrop, is an impregnable fortress.

Ludovico is the second despised son of the monarch, the only son of his second wife. Ludovico falls in love with the peasant girl Viola and they both have a son. However, his life is interrupted when his older brother dies and Ludovico becomes the heir. His father, as cruel as he is proud, will not allow Ludovico not to accept the path of his legacy.

Fiction   Short Stories

1 hour 2 minutes (12580 words)

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