The Island of Doctor Moreau by H. G. Wells

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by H. G. Wells

The Island of Doctor Moreau is a science fiction novel written by H. G. Wells and published in 1896.

The story begins with the shipwreck of Edward Prendick, an upper-class gentleman, in the middle of the ocean.

Fortunately, a ship loaded with animals rescues him from the water and he is attended by a doctor on board, Doctor Montgomery, and manages to revive the shipwrecked man.

Once revived, the doctor explains to him that they are going to work on an island, whose name is unknown, and that they are going to transport the animals there. However, upon arriving at the island, they refuse to allow Prendick to accompany them and leave him in the lifeboat from which he was rescued. However, the islanders eventually take pity on him and return to pick him up.

There, Dr. Montgomery introduces him to Dr. Moreau, who is conducting a series of investigations there. He is barred from part of the compound without explanation as to why. This, and Moureau's cold attitude, make him suspicious of the type of experiments being conducted there. In addition, he suddenly remembers having heard a story about Moreau, a London physiologist whose horrible experiments were uncovered by a journalist...

"I do not propose to add anything to what has already been written concerning the loss of the “Lady Vain.” As every one knows, she collided with a derelict when ten days out from Callao. The long-boat, with seven of the crew, was picked up eighteen days after by H. M. gunboat “Myrtle,” and the story of their terrible privations has become quite as well known as the far more horrible “Medusa” case. But I have to add to the published story of the “Lady Vain” another, possibly as horrible and far stranger..."

Fiction   Science fiction

2 hours 53 minutes (34701 words)

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