The Lady Of The Lake by Walter Scott

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by Walter Scott

The Lady Of The Lake is a narrative poem by Sir Walter Scott, first published in 1810.

The poem has three parts, each described as a "canto". The poem's overall theme is the conflict between good and evil.

The poem's eponymous heroine, Ellen Douglas, is torn between two loves: her true love, Roderick Dhu, and her betrothed, Malcolm Graeme.

It is set in the Trossachs region of Scotland. It has three main plots: The struggle between three men to win the love of Ellen Douglas, the conflict and subsequent reconciliation between King James V of Scotland and James Douglas, and a war between the Lowland Scots versus the Highlanders.

The Lady Of The Lake was very popular in its time, and was one of the first to bring Scott to public attention. It has been credited with popularising the genre of the historical novel.

Fiction   Poetry

2 hours 39 minutes (31988 words)

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