The Lost Continent by Edgar Rice Burroughs

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by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Science Fiction Adventure Fantasy Exploration Lost World Adventure Survival Civilization vs. Savagery

3 hours 10 minutes

The Lost Continent is a science fiction novel written by Edgar Rice Burroughs and originally published in 1916.

This post-apocalyptic story is set in the year 2137. The United States is totally isolated from the rest of the world and no American citizen is allowed to leave its territory.

Eurasia fought a war quite a few years ago that put an end to all wars, and with it to society as it was known in Europe. America was able to retain its culture and civilization because of such isolationism.

However, things change when the American Lieutenant Jefferson Turck is caught in a brutal storm on the high seas and must take refuge in England against the law. There he discovers the current state of a ruined Europe...

Written during the First World War in a context in which the United States still hoped not to enter the war, Burroughs reflects on the madness that reigns the world, while taking the opportunity to criticize other issues such as racism.


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