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9 hours 4 minutes
Middle High German

The Nibelungenlied, also known as The Song of the Nibelungs, is an epic poem by an unknown author originally written in High German and originally published around 1200 A.D. Three unabridged copies of the original manuscript have survived.

The poem collects a series of legends and historical events such as the wedding between Attila and the daughter of Ildic and that had remained mainly in the oral tradition, so it does not have a great historical rigor and exaggerations abound.

Set in different places such as the Rhine River, Iceland, Bavaria or Austria and even parts of Bohemia or Hungary, the story focuses on Siegfried. He is a medieval knight who lives a story of love and revenge with the beautiful princess Kriemhild.

This edition of The Nibelungenlie is based on the translation by Alice Horton.


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