The Shore Road Mystery by Franklin W. Dixon

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by Franklin W. Dixon

Mystery Adventure Juvenile fiction Crime solving Brotherhood Adventure Courage Friendship

3 hours 20 minutes

The Shore Road Mystery is a mystery novel written by Franklin W. Dixon and first published in 1928.

In this new mystery, the Hardy brothers face the mystery of a series of disappearing vehicles on the quiet coastal road.

Determined to unravel the mystery, Frank and Joe delve into the investigation and discover a network of secrets that seem to extend far beyond their quiet town...

The dangers and darkness of the night, coupled with the atmosphere of the coastal road, provide the backdrop for an adventure filled with mystery and intrigue, where unexpected dangers and elusive clues are never far away.

""It certainly is a mystery how those autos disappeared," said Frank Hardy.
"I'll say it is," replied his brother Joe, raising his voice to be heard above the clatter of their motorcycles. "Just think of it! Two cars last week, two the week before, and one the week before that. Some thieving, I'll tell the world.""


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Franklin W. Dixon is the pen name used by a variety of different authors who were part of a team that wrote The Hardy Boys novels for the Stratemey...

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