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by William Shakespeare

Comedy Romance Fantasy Power Revenge Forgiveness Colonialism Magic

2 hours 15 minutes

The Tempest is a play written by William Shakespeare and originally published in 1611, five years before the writer's death.

This play, halfway between drama and comedy, tells the story of Prospero. He was Duke of Milan until he was ousted from his position by his brother.

After his ship is shipwrecked, Prospero arrives on a deserted island where magic exists and of which he becomes the owner and a kind of magician after contacting some of the spirits of the island.

One of them is Ariel, who will help him initiate his desired revenge. With the spirit's help, Prospero will make his enemies shipwrecked and reach the island. Among them is his brother Antonio or even the king of Naples.

What initially has all the elements to be a drama about revenge, Shakespeare turns it into a magical comedy that makes it one of his most original plays.

"Mast. Boatswain!
Boats. Here, master: what cheer?
Mast. Good, speak to the mariners: fall to’t, yarely, or we run ourselves aground: bestir, bestir. Exit.


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