The Tower Treasure by Franklin W. Dixon

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by Franklin W. Dixon

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3 hours 33 minutes

The Tower Treasure is a mystery book written by Franklin W. Dixon in 1927.

It is the first volume of a series of juvenile mystery novels written under the pseudonym Franklin W. Dixon and narrating the adventures of two detective brothers, Frank and Joe Hardy, along with their friends in their fight against criminals.

This series of books, published between 1927 and 2005, has introduced several generations of young people to crime fiction, but is also ideal for reading as an adult and reminiscing about those years of youth.

In this first story we are introduced to Frank and Joe. They are sixteen and fifteen years old respectively. They are walking on a motorcycle along a narrow road when they come across a car traveling at a very high speed that almost drives them off the road.

A little later they come across the same car which is totally wrecked and, apparently, the driver has stolen a yellow sports car belonging to one of the brothers' friends. Therefore, the boys will start investigating the whereabouts of the stolen car. However, this is only the beginning and the twists and turns of the plot will pose a thrilling adventure that keeps the reader hooked until the very last moment.

"Why shouldn't we? Isn't he one of the most famous detectives in the country? And aren't we his sons? If the profession was good enough for him to follow it should be good enough for us." Two bright-eyed boys on motorcycles were speeding along a shore road in the sunshine of a morning in spring. It was Saturday and they were enjoying a holiday from the Bayport high school. The day was ideal for a motorcycle trip and the lads were combining business with pleasure by going on an errand to a near-by village for their father."


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