Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

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by Lewis Carroll

Fantasy Children's literature Literary nonsense Identity Logic Games and Rules Mirror Imagery The Journey of Self-discovery

2 hours 28 minutes

Through the Looking Glass is a fantasy novel written by Lewis Carroll and originally published in 1871. It is the second book in the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland series.

Alicia is already 7 and a half years old and she is still bored. She wants more excitement in her life, more stimuli, and as a result of this boredom she once again enters this fantastic world and this time she does it through her mirror.

However, like any reflection, this world is all inverted, including the laws of physics or any kind of logic. Do you want to stay still? Then you will have to run. And it's all so surreal and tremendously funny. As in the first book, we are faced with a story where events lack any kind of explanation or logic, and it is simply brilliant.

Alice, with much effort due to disorientation, ends up arriving at a splendid garden and a path that leads to it? Discover this fascinating story where Alice will participate in a gigantic game of chess, meet the Red Queen and get lost in the labyrinths of dark forests...

"One thing was certain, that the WHITE kitten had had nothing to do with it:β€”it was the black kitten's fault entirely. For the white kitten had been having its face washed by the old cat for the last quarter of an hour (and bearing it pretty well, considering); so you see that it COULDN'T have had any hand in the mischief."


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