Unnatural death by Dorothy L. Sayers

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by Dorothy L. Sayers

Mystery Crime Fiction Justice Crime Investigation Social Class Ethics

7 hours 1 minutes

Unnatural death is a mystery and detective novel written by Dorothy L. Sayers and originally published in 1927.

In this new book by Lord Peter Winwsey, the case to investigate is the death of an old woman who apparently dies of natural causes. Wimsey and his friend and inspector Charles Parker have overheard the story of the old woman's death and something doesn't add up for Wimsey. Could it be a planned death, the perfect murder, and who would do it and for what reasons?

The two embark on an investigation to try to find the killer and solve the case before he acts again against another victim. However, as they begin to pursue these unsuspected killers, they will become aware of the situation and take new measures to try to hide...

Unnatural death is the № 3 in the Lord Peter Wimsey series by Lord Peter Wimsey.

" “My dear Charles,” said the young man with the monocle, “it doesn’t do for people, especially doctors, to go about ‘thinking’ things. They may get into frightful trouble."


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About Dorothy L. Sayers

Dorothy L. Sayers was a British writer whose literary work stands out for her mystery and detective novels.

With a very skillful narrative,...

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