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by Benjamin Disraeli

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Coningsby, or The New Generation is a novel written by Benjamin Disraeli and originally published in 1844.

Henry Coningsby is the grandson of a wealthy marquess named Lord Monmouth, who at the time did not approve of the marriage of Coningsby's parents but when they die he assumes custody of the young man and sends him to be educated at Eton College.

There, the boy befriends the grandson of a wealthy cotton businessman who is a rival and enemy of his own grandfather. While the grandparents' generation is at odds and enemies, the youngsters strike up a strong friendship.

However, as Coningsby becomes an adult he develops political ideas far removed from those of Lord Monmouth and even falls in love with his friend Oswald's sister. This makes his grandfather angry and he comes to the point of disinheriting him, leaving nothing after his death and Coningsby having to start working in order to survive...

This novel vindicate the just claims of the Tory party to be the popular political confederation of the country; a purpose which Benjamin had, more or less, pursued from a very early period of life


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About Benjamin Disraeli

Benjamin Disraeli was a British politician who twice served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

He was also a novelist, publishing wor...

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