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by Virginia Woolf

Mrs. Dalloway is Virginia Woolf's novel first published in 1925. The book details a day in the life of Clarissa Dalloway in post-World War I England.

Clarissa Dalloway is an upper class matron, married to a Conservative MP, who throws a party and reflects on her life. The story takes place on a single day in 1923, beginning in the morning and ending when the guests leave the party.

One of the characters who attends her party is Peter Walsh, Clarissa's ex-lover, who interrupts their calm and peaceful marriage...

Another of the guests at this party is Septimus Smith, a veteran and shocked soldier of the First World War, who lives tormented by memories of the bombs and his dead officer. Although Smith has a doctor's appointment and is even recommended that he be admitted to an institution, he succumbs to the memories and commits suicide on the day of the party. Said death, instead of overshadowing the story, reflects the beauty of living through characters like Clarissa.

The novel reflects the malaise and pain of society in the years after the First World War. Smith's suicide reflects the traumas of the war and criticism of England's involvement.

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5 hours 18 minutes (63602 words)

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