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by Guy de Maupassant

Pierre et Jean is a naturalist work written by Guy de Maupassant and first published in 1887.

This was Maupassant's shortest novel and is a realist work, notably so by the subjects on which it treats, including knowledge of one's heredity, the bourgeoisie, and the problems stemming from money.

Gérôme Roland is a retired jeweler who lives in the French city of Le Havre with his wife Louise. The marriage has two children: Pierre and Jean. The first is a doctor and the second is a lawyer.

The novel tells how the lives of this middle-class family change when a family friend passes away and leaves his inheritance to Jean.

His brother Pierre suspects that his mother was unfaithful and that his brother is not a legitimate son.

He begins to investigate about it and his suspicions are discovered to be correct when he discovers that his mother has hidden that she had a relationship with the deceased friend...

This digital edition of the novel Pierre et Jean is based on Clara Bell's translation.

Fiction   Novel

3 hours 50 minutes (46150 words)

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