Niels Lyhne by Jens Peter Jacobsen

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by Jens Peter Jacobsen

Niels Lyhne is a naturalistic work written by J. P. Jacobsen and first published in 1880.

Niels Lyhne is a dreamy, romantic and introspective young man from rural Denmark. He dreams of becoming a poet, advocates individual freedom and due to the death of a close relative is deeply atheistic.

He moves to live in Copenhagen, but finds himself out of place in the social environment of the capital. He meets Tema Boye, a sculptor, and her group of artist friends who also advocate new ideas. However, Tema abandons him and he decides to travel around Europe. However, the trip does not seem to be fulfilling.

This is the story of a man who locks himself in a dream. A protagonist whose isolation is much more than his social environment and feels like a stranger in a world that makes no sense to him.

This edition of Niels Lyhne is based on Hanna Astrup Larsen's translation.

"She had the black, luminous eyes of the Blid family with delicate, straight eyebrows; she had their boldly shaped nose, their strong chin, and full lips. The curious line of mingled pain and sensuousness about the corners of her mouth was likewise an inheritance from them, and so were the restless movements of her head; but her cheek was pale; her hair was soft as silk, and was wound smoothly around her head".

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The Niels Lyhne book is available for download in PDF, ePUB and Mobi

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Jens Peter Jacobsen was a Danish novelist, poet, and scientist, in Denmark often just written as "J. P. Jacobsen". He began the naturalist movement...

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