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by John Milton

Paradise Lost is a narrative poem written by John Milton and published in 1667. It is considered a classic of English literature and made John Milton very famous at the time. The main theme of the book is the confrontation between the free will of men and divine omnipotence.

The book tells us about the revolt organized in heaven by Satan, who is very jealous of Jesus, the son of God. For this revolt, Satan is condemned and sent to Hell.

Satan is really angry and out of revenge, he convinces Adam and Eve to taste the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge. That is why both are punished to leave paradise and become mortal. Later, Jesus decides to save humanity and accept all the blame by giving his life for it.

As a curiosity, John Milton was blind when he wrote this poem, so he did it through dictation to his daughters and assistants.

Fiction   Poetry

6 hours 52 minutes (82511 words)

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