Redburn: His First Voyage by Herman Melville

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by Herman Melville

Redburn: His First Voyage is a novel written by Herman Melville in 1849.

Wellingborough Redburn is a young man barely fifteen years old who wishes to go to sea after idealizing the life of a sailor. This dream is eventually fulfilled but the life of a sailor is much more complicated and hard than he thought. He embarks on the long voyage from New York to Liverpool.

However, the worst will come when he arrives in Liverpool. The city is one of the main elements of the book and there Redburn will find that crime, poverty and hunger abound.

The story is semi-autobiographical and is based on Helam Melville's own experiences as an apprentice sailor on the same voyage from New York to Liverpool. It contains a wealth of descriptions of the sea and seafaring life.

"Wellingborough, as you are going to sea, suppose you take this shooting-jacket of mine along; it’s just the thing—take it, it will save the expense of another. You see, it’s quite warm; fine long skirts, stout horn buttons, and plenty of pockets".

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10 hours 8 minutes (121699 words)

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