Resurrection by Leo Tolstoy

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by Leo Tolstoy

Philosophical fiction Russian Literature Redemption Justice Morality Social inequality Resurrection Spiritual awakening

14 hours 36 minutes

Resurrection is a novel written by Leo Tolstoy and originally published in 1899. It is the last novel published by the Russian writer.

Dmitry Ivanovich Nekhludov is a young aristocrat who wants to redeem himself from some mistakes made in the past. That's all he thinks about, he needs to be at ease with his conscience.

The story really begins when Nejludov is summoned to testify as a juror for a court. Unbeknownst to him and, to his surprise, one of the defendants is Ekaterina Maslova: his first love. She was an orphan who was taken in by Nejludov's family and that is where they met. By the vagaries of life, the woman is involved in a crime and is summoned to testify.

This encounter makes her think of the past, of the days when the two were together, and makes her wonder how each has ended up on one side of the courtroom.

The novel is a fierce critique of Russian society at the time, harshly attacking the judicial and civil service system, the church, the upper classes.... It also presents profound moral dilemmas about what is evil and what is good or how to be happy in life.

"Though hundreds of thousands had done their very best to disfigure the small piece of land on which they were crowded together, by paving the ground with stones, scraping away every vestige of vegetation, cutting down the trees, turning away birds and beasts, and filling the air with the smoke of naphtha and coal, still spring was spring, even in the town."

For this edition of the book Resurrection by Leo Tolstoy, the English translation by Mrs. Louise Maude.


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