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by William Faulkner

Soldiers' Pay es una novela escrita por William Faulkner y publicada originalmente en 1926. Es la primera novela del escritor estadounidense.

This story about life, death and destiny is set during the First World War. In it we meet aviator Donald Mahon, who makes a surprise return to his homeland, Georgia, when he was thought dead by his family.

However, he arrives in rather serious condition with a scar on his face and seriously ill. The plot progresses on what causes this unexpected arrival and how he resumes the life he left in suspense until his return, such as the marriage commitment he had.

Lowe, Julian, number, late a Flying Cadet, Umptieth Squadron, Air Service, known as “One Wing” by the other embryonic aces of his flight, regarded the world with a yellow and disgruntled eye.

He suffered the same jaundice that many a more booted one than he did, from Flight Commanders through Generals to the ambrosial single-barred (not to mention that inexplicable beast of the field which the French so beautifully call an aspiring aviator); they had stopped the war on him.

Fiction   Novel

7 hours 34 minutes (90999 words)

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