The Longest Journey by E. M. Forster

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by E. M. Forster

Novel Philosophical fiction Search for identity Class disparity Human connection Homosexuality Nature vs. civilization

7 hours 51 minutes

The Longest Journey is a novel written by E.M. Forster in 1907.

Rickie Elliot is a young man searching for his place in the world. Sensitive and intelligent, he is caught between his own ideas and social norms. A Cambridge graduate, Rickie is torn between the academic life of intellectual friendships and the pressures of social and family expectations.

Forster displays the elegant prose that would shine in his later works, and makes a spiritual quest and social critique that shows the struggle for personal integrity in a world that has other, different values.

Although it is one of the author's first works and not as well known as A Passage to India or Howard's End, The Longest Journey offers us a very interesting story in which the complexity of the human being is explored through the inner journey of the protagonist.

" β€œThe cow is there,” said Ansell, lighting a match and holding it out over the carpet. No one spoke. He waited till the end of the match fell off. Then he said again, β€œShe is there, the cow. There, now.”"


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